Here’s some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What the hell is this and how did it start?

It’s a long story. Try the About page.

Are you affiliated with those other quote sites that have names very close to yours?

ThingsMyBoyfriendSays.com is the original boyfriend quote repository (haha, I just accidentally typed “suppository”, which I guess is relevant as well). This site is not affiliated with any “_____ my ______ says” site.

Can I email e to ask him stuff/tell him he’s awesome/propose marriage?

Sure, but don’t ask me for his contact details.

Where are E’s old quotes?

I’ll dole them out once in awhile, categorized under “classics”.

So what’s with your current boyfriend? Is he as funny? Is this site going to be just quotes from him?

My current boyfriend, P, is hilarious and eminently quotable, but this version of the site’s going to be way more – quotes I’ve collected, as well as boyfriend quotes submitted by users. Want to submit one? Great! Go to the Submit page.

Will you link to my site? I linked to yours.

I don’t have a blogroll. However, if you submit a quote and I use it, specify a website in your submission and I’ll link to your site when the submission is posted! Believe me, you’ll get traffic.

I want to email The Girlfriend!

Sure! There’s a Contact page, you can do it there.

Who are you anyway?

The Girlfriend has been anonymous from the beginning and will be anonymous for the foreseeable future.

Why don’t you have a book deal?

That’s an excellent question. Years ago, when this site just got popular and before every blogger had a book out, a literary agent in New York got hold of me about a book, but in the end he didn’t feel it could sell, despite the site’s web statistics and tons of fan mail. I really hope he feels like a sucker.

If you’re a literary agent, for God’s sake, get in touch.

Are you on Facebook/Twitter/Stumbleupon/whatever?

Yep. Look at the top right of this page, there’s lots of colourful buttons there.

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