An appeal.

Hello, it’s The Girlfriend here.

First off, let me say how amazing it has been in the last two months to receive such a great response to the site relaunch. Thanks for all your emails, and a special thanks to people who submit quotes of their own. I read them all, and have concluded that a lot of girls are dating some funny dudes. There are many which are absolute comedy gold – I’ve been using as many as I can, and have a backlog of loads more. (And for all the guys that keep asking, YES, send your girlfriend quotes!! I’d love to have some on here, to prove that girlfriends do more than softball their boyfriends awesome comedy setups.)

And now, The Point: I’ve been running this site since 2006, at my expense. In that time I’ve gotten a little bit of money from the Google ads you see around, but seriously, we’re talking about a hundred bucks a year, which is far below what it costs to run this ship. I just got word that my hosting is being rebilled on November 1st – goddammit! – exactly at a time when Google ads have been paying precious little and I haven’t got any damn money.

So this is where you come in. Please, if you can, tip a couple of bucks into the hosting jar to help keep this site alive. You can be assured that my hosting company has it set up so I can’t cash out the rewards and spend them on hookers and blow – any revenue can only be spent on hosting costs. And I am going to type something that I never thought I would: As tempting as hookers and blow are, hosting this site is more important right now.

Click this link to donate:

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

If you don’t have any cash or don’t feel like it, hey, that’s cool, we’re still friends. Keep reading, join the group on Facebook, follow the Twitter feed, and tell your friends!


Your pal,
The Girlfriend.

PS – If you are a television producer, publisher or literary agent, don’t bother with the damn donation button, just send me an email and I’ll take care of making us both rich.

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