This is kind of a long story, so bear with me.

The Beginning

Way back in 2006, before every blogger had a book deal and Twitter was a twinkle in the internet’s eye, I was going out with this French guy named E. We had been together since 2002.

E was many things, but above all he was really, really funny. At one point I started writing down the ridiculous things that came out of his mouth and posting them to my online journal under the tag “Things My Boyfriend Says”. My friends were the only ones who read it, and kept bugging me to start a website. I finally relented and said that I would, but only if ThingsMyBoyfriendSays.com was available.

It was. Aw crap.

So, I started Things My Boyfriend Says, back in 2006. I kept updating it with quotes when comic diamonds fell from E’s mouth, which was every week or two. To my surprise, people read it. Lots of them. They wrote us emails. They submitted quotes from their own boyfriends and girlfriends. The response was amazing.

Then What Happened?

In June 2007, I left E on our fifth anniversary. I’m not that much of a bitch, it just kind of worked out that way.

I was never sure what to do about the site. People obviously enjoyed it so I left it up, and because so many people emailed telling us how they envied such a great relationship and I couldn’t bear to burst their bubble and let them know that we were no longer together. So, I didn’t do anything. Time went on, I kept renewing the domain and wondering what to do with it.

Astonishingly, the site has consistently received tens of thousands of hits a month since it was launched. No one is more surprised than me; the last update was in March 2007, I’ve done absolutely nothing but for some reason people keep coming. I still get a lot of fan mail, and I do read every single one (I never replied because I didn’t know what to say since E and I broke up three years ago, but really, if you’ve ever written, thank you).

So since 2006 this site has had nearly eight million views, consistent traffic and lots and lots of imitation sites. And there you have it.

Now what?

After E I spent a few years dating what feels like everyone under the sun, and I kept a log of quotes from those guys as well, almost all of whom were unbelievably funny and quality human beings I was lucky to know. I found myself, eventually, with another actual boyfriend called P (I had sworn off relationships completely and had resigned myself to a life of torrid love affairs so this took me completely by surprise) and luckily he’s hilarious and very quotable. A few weeks ago someone emailed me saying what so many others have said – “You should take submissions from readers and start updating this again, I would totally read it every day” – and for some reason, this time, it stuck.

So here’s the new incarnation of Things My Boyfriend Says. It’s about my boyfriend, it’s about your boyfriend. It’s about the reasons that we all get into and stay in long term relationships, when a long term relationship is, I believe, a profoundly dull human experience. These slices of comedy are what keep people together, keep the affection going, keep everybody laughing, because everyone reaches a point at which the idea of having a bed to yourself and not having to brush your teeth becomes very appealing.

About the Girlfriend

The Girlfriend is an artist and writer. She was born in Canada, and lives in Europe. She is dating P. Oh, and ladies – he’s hot.

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